Work With Michelle

Who do I work with?

All soul seekers who want to let their inner light shine! Why? Because you're after more than just a quick answer, I know this trust me, I've been you!!

Now I know who you are. You’ve been poking around the internet, taking free classes, reading e-books and even having an occasional reading looking for that "something" to be a bright star illuminating the way. Trust me on this, it took me years to figure out that was ME!

Once I recognized this all too common theme, the looking up down and all around for some magic bullet, I got to work to create something different for myself and people like me.  Whether you’re a seeker, teacher, mentor, coach, or healer of people, place or things I really want to help guide you towards a more authentic and heart-centered experience.

My goal here is that you have a genuinely inspiring experience I want to see your inner light come out and shine today!  You are divine dear one, you are amazing in so many ways, and are just my kind of people.

Divine Intuitive Readings

We all contain a soul seed of love from our divine creator and with this special reading we use this love to connect to your beautiful Guides and Angels and bring through any information or messages they wish you to know. We can also learn about their names and how you can co-create with them every day!

Transformation Tarot Sessions

Are you wondering about an issue or situation you need to change?

Maybe you just need a deeper understanding of a situation so you can make an informed decision.

Whatever the concern we will dig deep to find a way to transform it into the best outcome possible.

Soul Coaching Sessions

Find Your Soul Superpower!

Inside every woman is a powerful goddess who wants to be set free!

When did we decide as women it was ok to forget who we really are?

What we really want in life? Who said we can’t live the life of your dream?

Your inner light is beautiful authentic, contagious, and unique to you alone, let me help you uncover your divine Soul Superpower and unleash it onto the world.