Soul Coaching

Spiritual Soul CoachingInside every woman is a powerful goddess who wants to be set free!

She has dreams, BIG dreams!! And even small secret dreams that have never had a chance to see the light of day.  She dreams of being an artist, a mentor, a community activist…or maybe, just maybe something like the president of her own successful company. But who decided that she should shut her dreams away, deep inside and never look back?  When did we decide as women it was OK to FORGET who we really are? What we REALLY want in life? Who said we can’t live the life of your dream?

When I started this journey, it was only a quest of self-discovery but what I found was I was surrounded by other women who felt the same, a lot of them! I found myself talking about how we can unleash our dreams and discover your inner soul superpowers.

So what is a soul's superpower you ask? I know, I know it sounds a little superhero-ish but who does not want to be able to fly, have super strength, breathe underwater, have x-ray vision or read minds??  It might surprise you but YOU have your own secret soul superpower and these are special divine gifts and talents that only you were born with and only you can give to the world, in your own unique way. No one else can do it, only you! So, stop being selfish dear one, stop hoarding those secret dreams, stop playing it safe and pretending you have nothing to give to the world. Let  Out Those Dreams! Let Them Be Free! It’s time to take off the mask and reveal your real identity soul sister. It is time to embrace the powerful goddess you were always meant to be!

Together we will re-image, re-create and transform your life into the life you always knew you could have. A life in alignment with your soul, inner wisdom, purpose, and divine calling!

Your Sacred Soul Quest

"Who am I and why am I here?"   "What is my life's purpose?"  "Will I ever find meaning in your life? "  "I feel called to do something else but I don't know what it is."

If you have come to a time in your life when these questions burn deep in your soul I am here to tell you that you are not alone!  Let me help you find your soul's calling and a deeper connection to yourself, the world and the universe at large.  Divine One I have specifically created this package to give you the tools you will need to make this deep self-exploration journey a success!

This is a comprehensive spiritual coaching package that includes everything you will need to get in touch with your Authentic Soul-Self!  Together we will chart a course to uncover the answers to the questions that are driving you to find true meaning in your life to find your Soul's Superpower!

Together we will cover:

  • Your Unique Gifts and Talents

In this session, we will look at your special gifts and talents as we begin to uncover who you really are!

  • Your Past Life Influences

Digging into your past is a vital part of your journey to reclaiming your authentic soul self and discovering who you really are. Here we will look at past influences and karmic patterns and work to release them they no longer influence you.

  • Your personal Numerology and Astrology Chart and Interpretation

We will look at the energies that run in your name and birth chart to see how to use them to empower you to live a more authentic life.

  • A Life Purpose Reading

This is a comprehensive look at what you were born to do divine one! With all the other information gathered we will begin to chart a new course for you and explore opportunities to bring your soul's superpowers into the world.

Starting this journey is an important step to becoming the person you were meant to be!  But only YOU can take that first step!

(This process can be done one on one or in a group setting. Call for group session pricing.)

Ready to start your journey with me?

Contact me for a complimentary free 1-hour session to learn about this personal discovery quest process.

Private Soul Coaching Sessions

These are intensive private coaching sessions where we work one on one to dive deep into your divine self.  Partnering together we work to uncover and clear away the issues, ideas, and blocks that are keeping your Authentic-Self hidden. (Learn More Here)

***(EFT, Reiki, Angel Therapies, Soul Oracle Readings, Astrology, and Numerology charting are available on request.)