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 Divine Intuitive Readings

The Angels love for us is immeasurable!  They want so very much to help uplift our lives while assisting us on our personal journey. They are with us every step of the way offering wisdom, guidance, and comfort.

Join me for a one on one connection with the divine today!

With your personal hour-long reading I will:

  • Connect with our amazing angels, your personal guides, and loved ones
  • Answer your most pressing questions
  • Use my spiritual gifts, angelic guidance, and any oracle decks to bring you divine guidance
I was so excited to read the answers to my questions. I felt so good knowing that the angels are watching over me and guiding me to a very bright future! Thank you so much, Michelle, for being the instrument for me to receive the good news! May you bless many people with you beautiful light in the days ahead!"
~ Most sincerely, Ginny

Divine Intuitive Reading $35.00

*Please note your reading will be emailed to you with 48-72 hours depending on my schedule. If you have an emergency and need one within 12-24 hours there is an additional charge of $25 per reading session.

Please note before you purchase: By scheduling a session you are agreeing to the terms, the delivery method and the time frame of this session. Your PayPal receipt is your email confirmation of our session purchase. No refunds will be issued once you place your order Once the reading/sessions sent to you it is your responsibility to save it and make a backup copy. Readings/Session will not be resent at a later time or to other parties as they are not retained by The Indigo Eye once they are sent to you.